Cambodian Son Film Screening in NYC on April 17, 2014

AirFrance/ Delta boarding terminal. The greens are real. It’s been a lovely spring and crazy work week but you will be missed… til next time Paris! #travel (at AĆ©roport International de Paris-Roissy Charles De Gaulle Terminal 2)

#ArtParisArtFair, #contemporary art work today. It feels very much like spring. (at Art Paris Art Fair)

Been over a decade in a half since I painted. I found that I actually still liked it. It was just what I needed. It was an ‘Art by the Glazz’ painting session at The Kalahari Gallery on Fulton St. Thanks @kqwon. #art #painting #brooklyn (at For My Sweet Garden and Event Space/Kalahari Gallery)

NYC is quite an interesting place. You never know who you will meet and the many interest lives they live. Met a talented baker/owner/author/performer, Kim Ima, or #TheTruckTreats .com (212-691-5226) yesterday. These Pecan blondies are addicting! #foodie #brooklyn (at Brooklyn)

Met a clown on the train yesterday. It was thr crown, I just had to talk to her. Summer has been a clown for 15yrs. If you need one for a birthday or company event, feel free to contact her. (at New York City)

After a few weeks of planning, finally done and making a #GirlRising film screening a reality! 9 girls, 9 extraordinary journeys of #courage, #character and #commitment! Highly recommended. (at New York City)

Hadba craving and ended up with a pretty #rainbow…. a Proscnuitto Bacon wrap snugged by tomatos, lettuce and avocado with a hint of balsamic vinaigrette.#foodie

I need to own this piece by #lisamam and sport it everywhere! #scopeny #bucketfeet #khmerarts (at Scope International Contemporary Art Show)

So much #truth to this. Respect those words. #scopeny (at Scope International Contemporary Art Show)


This amazing shot was captured by photographer Mike Jones in September 2012 while he was in the Grand Cayman Islands.

You can clearly see lightning illuminating the clouds. The electrostatic discharge associated with lightning can occur within a cloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the ground.

In this photo, it appears that the lightning is striking the water, which is not as common as striking land, making this image extra special.


(via an-autonomous-american)